Measuring Ring Size

Please follow below instruction to measure your ring size:

Method 1 : Using measurement tool

The most accurate method to get your ring size. You may go to the nearest ring shop to get your finger measured. After you get the size (either US size or HK size) you can place order with us.

Figure 1 : Gauge Finger Sizer Measure Tool

Method 2 : Using inner diameter of ring

If you have ring, you can use that ring to measure your ring size.

Figure 2 : How to get ring inner diameter

What you need: Ring & Ruler

How to do :

  1. Select ring that properly fits your intended finger
  2. Put the ruler on the ring. Make sure ruler at the middle of the ring.
  3. Make sure the ruler that start with 0 at the inner side of ring. (Refer to Figure 2)
  4. Refer to the size chart as in Figure 4.

Method 3 : Using finger circumference

If you don’t have ring you can use this method to measure the ring size.

Figure 3 : Finger circumference measurement method

What you need : Small size paper, ruler and pen.

How to do :

  1. Prepare the thin small size paper (width = 5mm)
  2. Wrap around your finger (where you want to put the ring).
  3. Mark the overlap area using pen.
  4. Unwrap the paper and then put the paper to the ruler.
  5. Measure the length using ruler.
  6. Refer to the size chart as in Figure 4.

Or else you can watch this video tutorial

Video 1 : Tutorial of ring size measurement

Figure 4 : Chart Ring Size


  1. Measurement in mm (1cmm = 10mm)
  2. Ukurlilit = circumference